We would like to introduce IFMA’s very own Mohamad Amr one of the trailblazers of Muaythai in his home country of Lebanon, and one of the first Nak Muay pioneers Mohamad (also known as Mo) began his muaythai journey in 1996. 

Driven by his passion for sports in general but especially for muaythai, he started his career in his home country before moving on to first become an assistant National Coach then Head Coach. Mohamad is also an internationally qualified referee and worked as the Team Manager for his National Team.

After graduating from the School of Engineering with a Degree in Computing and Communication Engineering, Mohamad changed his career course and trained as a Technical Superior in Physical Education and Sport. He then took up Master Degree study in Education Management which is still in progress. However, Mohamad did not stop there; his passion for sport led him to undertake a Masters Degree in Olympic Studies at the International Olympic Academy in the birthplace of the Olympics, Ancient Olympia Greece.

Teaching for more than 10 years, Mohamad straddled both worlds drawing from knowledge he learnt through both his Degrees and Masters. For ten years Mohamad taught many individuals, improving their knowledge and their lives as he delivered education to people of all ages and in a variety of levels of education. 

Mohamad’s many responsibilities in the world of sports management enabled him to combine his many talents and expertise driving his success as a multidimensional Consultant in the international sports industry. During his years he has worked at the coal face in the grassroots of sport and has experience at National level as Head of the Referees for the Lebanon Muaythai Federation, the Chair of Martial Arts Commission in the National Universities Sports Federation, Sports Director and International Liaison for his National Muaythai Federation, and the Sports Department Director at Maten University College. He is a member of the Education and Culture Commission with the Lebanese Olympic Committee.  He is the General Secretary, CEO, and Founder of the Lebanese Esports & Robotics Federation.

Led by his passion for education, Mohamad presented the new OSM coaches’ content as an IFMA Education Committee Member where he also conducted many lectures. His outstanding experience in sports and education led him to be appointed as a National Olympic Committee Education Commission member.

Since Mohamad moved from his National Federation into the Offices of the IFMA he has worked tirelessly and with many ‘hats’ ranging from Event Coordinator, International Relations, Administrator and as a Education Commission member.  He has worked at the World Games, Combat Games, European Games, numerous IFMA World Championships, the Mediterranean and Gulf Games and many national games across the world. 

His dream is to educate youth about the real meaning of values through sports and most importantly,  Respect.