Muaythai in Cote D’Ivoire is making headway in its development and popularity, with media coverage on the RTI Channel of a special ceremony which took place in Abidjan. 

The special event was attended by the Ivorian Sports Minster Danho Paulin Claude and representative from the Royal Thai Consulate in Abidjan to award and present the diplomas of recognition to the Ivorian Athletes, Coaches and Technical Officials.

Arthur Bella, President of the Federation Ivoirienne de Muaythai et Disciplines Assimilees stated “This is an important moment in the development of the sport in 0ur country where we can celebrate the recognition by our highest government sport bodies for our officials and athletes. We are committed to our steady development towards competing at the highest level internationally at the future IFMA events.”



Alliali Déborah, CIV Muaythai Federation's first female referee and Chair of the Women's Commission receives certificate from Official Sponsor Mr Mourad of Carré d'or Co.