November 16th saw the Extraordinary Conference of the Lithuanian Muaythai Union which was held at the Department of Physical Education and Sport under the Government of Lituania in Vilnius, Lithuania. The Conference was attended by representatives of sport clubs and gyms from all over Lithuania.

Among the most important objectives of the conference was the election of the LMTU’s President. Conference delegates were introduced to Mr. Nerjus Zukas – a doctor of Technical Sciences, a Martial Arts enthusiast, a former diplomat and businessman as the candidate for Presidency. Union members voted unanimously. Following the Presidential election, the proposed Executive Committee was elected.

I am convinced that the development of muaythai in Lithuania has a lot of untapped potential. Together with my team and the sport community, we will be working on promoting the sport and make every little effort to help sport clubs to educate highly skilled athletes” – N. Zukas.

According to the newly elected President and Executive Committee, the main objectives and challenges are to strengthen the LMTU by attracting new members, to ensure that at international competitions Lithuania will represented by the best athletes who proven their merits in local tournaments and to raise the Lithuanian skills in muaythai.

The conference participants also heard the speech of former President Zydrunas Jaisunas and a report on the work done and results achieved. Sport club and gym leaders also had the opportunity to discuss the sport’s issues, experiences and all the common problems with the new union leaders.

IFMA would like to congratulate the LMTU’s new President and Executive Committee on their recent appointment, and wish them all the best in their task of developing muaythai in Lithuania.