91Lebanon will host an A class event in a 8000 seater  Zouk Mikael-Nouhad Nawal stadium. There will be two world title fights on the card one male and one female. Thai superstar Pakorn Pk Saenchai, former WMC world champion, Ratchadamern champion and Lumphinee champion Vs Morgan Adrar from France WMC European champion.

Second world title fight will be the female world title fight, between two IFMA world champions going toe to toe for the belt of all belts, Antonina Shevchenko from Peru Vs Isa Tidblad from Sweden.

The intercontinental title will also see two IFMA champions competing with Armen Grigoryan who has a superstar status in Armenia take on Xie Wei from China. There are 1 million Armenian expats in Lebanon so this will be like a home fight.

From Lebanon Kaseem Daher will take on Mohamad Salama from Jordan for the Arabic title and the super fight of the evening will see multiple WMC world champions and world famous Senchai take on Azize Hlali from France.