The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has released the latest edition of Play True magazine. IFMA believes that the fight against doping must be fought at all levels and we encourage all our stakeholders to advocate for fair play.

Every edition of the magazine includes sections on WADA’s main activities: from anti-doping development to athlete outreach, education to compliance, and science to testing.

In this edition, WADA pays homage to former Director General David Howman, who after 13 years at the Agency, chose not to seek an extension of his mandate in order to return to his native New Zealand. It also includes a feature on Russian whistle blowers Vitaly and Yuliya Stepanov as two of WADA’s game changing Play True champions.

You can also read about the latest on WADA’s contributions to testing for gene doping, the Agency’s new power of investigations, a look into the numbers behind all the tests that are performed by WADA laboratories plus much more.

The new digital-only Play True is released biannually, with the next edition expected at the end of the year.