The President of the Asian Muaythai Federation (FAMA) and the Head of the Kazakhstan National Security Department, Mr Karim Massimov became the chairman of the Martial Arts Association which encompasses 20 accredited martial arts federations.

The appearance of the Association has special importance in view of the upcoming SportAccord Combat Games 2021 which Kazakhstan is one of the strongest bidders.

Mr. Karim Massimov has been a strong advocate of martial arts and achieved great progress for the sport of Muaythai in his capacity as both President of FAMA and Kazakhstan Muaythai Federation.

Holding the World Muaythai Championships 2003 in Almaty still stays in the memory of IFMA member federations as one of the best Muaythai events. It was an important moment which gave momentum to the development of martial arts in Kazakhstan. Bidding for the SportAccord Combat Games as well as many Olympic events puts Kazakhstan and the Kazakh martial arts community to the top level in the world.

Founding the Kazakhstan Martial Arts Association is a logical step in unifying combat sports in Kazakhstan under one umbrella and with the strong leadership of Mr Massimov this organisation will definitely see many great moments in the history of sport in Kazakhstan.