IWGA President Jose Perurena and WOC’s Adam Rocnck with IFMA Athlete Commission chair Janice Lyn, Canada

The World Games 2017 was the first time for muaythai athletes to experience this tournament, and they loved it! This was down to how well they were treated by volunteers and organisers everywhere they went in Wroclaw.

Janice Lyn, head of the IFMA Athlete’s Commission attended a press conference in Wroclaw yesterday to talk about this key part of The World Games.

IWGA President Jose Perurena said the atmosphere during these Games was special as the city of Wroclaw really embraced the athletes and welcomed them. He talked about the unique spirit of The World Games and commitment needed from sports to succeed.

Adam Roczek from the Wroclaw Organising Committee was asked how he would sum up the Games, and he said friendliness. He called the Games the event of connection. And he said TWG was so far watched by 10m people in Poland alone on Polish national television.

This was definitely the experience of the IFMA athletes – who were attending The World Games for the first time. Janice said it was such an honour for muaythai athletes to be here with so many other sports, and to feel part of a such a large sporting family. She praised the organisers for how smoothly everything was ran for the muaythai athletes in Wroclaw.

You can watch the full press conference on IWGA The World Games facebook page.