It finally has begun – Contender Muaythai goes to air!

Mark Burnett, one of the world’s most famous producers of television shows like Contender, Survivor, The Apprentice, Rock Star and The Restaurant and has now taken on Muaythai for a new reality series. The original Contender for boxing featured Sylvester Stallone and Sugar Ray Leonard as hosts, but now it’s time for the world to see The Contender Asia and the art of Muaythai.

The Contender Asia will follow 16 inspiring Muaythai fighters from around the world through an evolving series of outdoor challenges and World Muaythai Council (WMC) sanctioned matches over 16 episodes. The 16 chosen fighters will train and live together, while the loser of each challenge has to leave the loft to the airport immediately. The fighters will win the hearts of the audience as they talk about their love for Muaythai and their dream to become the ultimate Muaythai champion, under the Contender Asia slogan of “Respect All – Fear None”.

After 4 weeks of the quarter finals, the semi final will follow, then a huge grand final. On the line is US$150,000 in prize money (part of a $250,000 total prize pool) and the belt of the ultimate Contender Champion, sanctioned by the WMC.

The Contender Asia Muaythai has the biggest budget of a reality show outside the USA with an estimated budget of over 250 million baht. WMC Vice President Stephan Fox has been chosen to be the co-host of the series alongside Jaymee Ong, and the Executive Producer is Riaz Mehta of Singapore’s Imagine Omni Media. Scott Cru and Roman DeCarlo are Co-Executive Producers, and Jerry Schaffer is the Supervising Producer and Director. The Hollywood producers and associate producers have been working tirelessly for the past 5 months to make the series happen, and this will take Muaythai to another level.

The series will start to air this Wednesday 16th, prime time on AXN in Asia in over 30 countries to an estimated audience of over 250 million, before moving on to Europe, Oceania, Africa and USA to an audience estimated at close to a billion over the next 6 months.

The Red Carpet Official Launch will be held in Singapore on Wednesday with Hollywood’s number one reality producer, Mark Burnett, presiding over the opening. Also at the opening will be Executive Producers Scot Cru and Chris Campbell.

Through The Contender Asia, the world will understand that Muaythai is a martial art with no equal, steeped in tradition and values and reflecting the culture and history of Thailand. The world will fall in love with both the 16 ambassadors chosen for this project and the sport and art itself.

Watch it on AXN starting 16th January, every Wednesday prime time for 16 entertaining weeks and find out who will be the ultimate Contender.