The Iranian National muaythai team and their 3 superstars proudly representing Iran in the SportAccord Combat Games in Beijing will take on a world team of fighters from Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, France, Spain, Uzbekistan, Canada, Kazakhstan, Australia and England.

The total line-up for this massive muaythai event includes 8 of the 88 muaythai elite athletes going to Beijing and for many of them will be their final big test before the Games.


The event, which will be held on the beautiful Kish Island in the Persian Gulf, 17th – 22nd July, promises to be an exciting showcase of international talent and is fully supported by the Iranian NOC.

The Iranian President Mahmoud Amadi Nejad will be guest of honour, and he will open the Iranian event. His attendance and the jubilant atmosphere in Iran regarding this upcoming competition truly show how serious the Iranians are about muaythai, and also their excitement for inclusion in the SportAccord Combat Games.


Not simply a competition, the event will be a great opportunity for cultural exchange and hence Mohammad Nouhi, Chairman and President of the Iranian Martial Arts Federation, invites all athletes and officials to spend to spend 5 exciting days in Iran courtesy of the Iranian government. A press conference will be held during the 5 days introducing all martial artists representing Iran in the SportAccord Combat Games.

IFMA is very much looking forward to this exciting international extravaganza and would like to wish the Iranian Muaythai Federation the best of luck with all preparations for such a fantastic event.