IOC President, Dr. Thomas Bach, has sent a letter to all 206 National Olympic Committees outlining that International World Games Association and the World Games events play important roles in the framework of the Olympic movement and encouraging all the National Olympic Committees to participate in the 2017 event in Wroclaw, Poland.

José Perurena Lopez, President of World Games, stated that the close cooperation with IOCs and NOCs is essential for the success of the World Games. 27 Sports will be contested in the World Games and Muaythai is one of them. The World Games provide a valuable opportunity for athletes to compete in their own elite multi-sport events and represent their countries as a member of their national delegation.



Many sports moved on from the World Games to be included in the Olympic Games. IFMA would like to thank the IOC for their World Games support.


IFMA is a proud family of the world games and looking forward to their first appearance in the World Games 2017.