More than 1000 participants from five continents confirmed their participation in the Youth World Championships 2019, Antalya. The youth from more than 100 countries will arrive to Turkey to experience culture and century old traditions, see the unique local identity and touch the history going thousand years back.
IFMA events have truly gone far beyond competition for medals, and Turkey will be another host to show that sport of Muaythai has a power to change lives and positively influence young minds in so many ways. Athletes’ conferences, workshops, educational courses and cultural nights are all part of IFMA competition and make IFMA events an unforgettable experience for the youth.

From 28 September to 6 October the city of Antalya will become the stage for young Muaythai talents who will have an opportunity to demonstrate skills they polished for years. It will be an important event for athletes in 10-11 division who will discover the IFMA world for the first time, and for others it will be a moment when they will say good bye to the youth tournaments joining the IFMA elite.

The Chair of IFMA Athlete’s Commission Janice Lyn said that she remembers her first Muaythai bout as she was a young girl from the suburb of Toronto. It was an exciting feeling and she is happy that so many kids do Muaythai and grow into accomplished athletes with IFMA. I wish all the young athletes to be brave on their way to excellence and no matter win or lose they will all be champions of sport and ambassadors of their country.

Less than three weeks separate all Muaythai followers from the world biggest Muaythai forum, and soon the world will see the new stars in IFMA constellation of champions.