IFMA’s Youth Ambassador, Kiana Guyon, has been selected to represent Thailand at the Youth Leadership Programme in Gwangju, Republic of Korea from the 18th of August until the 30th of August 2014.

The Youth Leadership Programme is organised under the UNOSDP (United Nations Office for Sport Development and Peace). It was conceived with the goal of helping youths whom are highly motivated to work towards providing support their communities through Sport-For-Development-and-Peace (SDP) projects.

YLP gives them access to theoretical and practical training needed to improve both their projects and professional progress. There will be an overall of 30 participants from countries around the world attending the programme this year such as Australia, Bhutan, Solomon Islands, Pakistan, Nepal… and many more.

Kiana Guyon has been a Muaythai practitioner for many years. Half Thai, half French, she is fluent in both languages as well as English. She believes that sport is a powerful tool, not only to bring peace amongst various communities but also to help those in need, leading them towards a better and healthier path in life. Kiana will be representing IFMA and its youth, hoping to bring back more knowledge, experience and new ideas for IFMA’s current projects involving youths such as the Sport Is Your Gang initiative. She says that as IFMA’s Youth Ambassador, not only is she honoured and excited to learn but she is also hoping to teach and show the other participants about the important values of Muaythai and the social contributions that the sport has made, as a recognised martial art and combat sport.

Muaythai and the United Nations have been working closely these past few months, more specifically with UN Women on the Secretary General’s UNite campaign to End Violence Against Women.

We are very happy to be one of the 30 sports invited to this important workshop and our Youth Ambassador plays an important role in the overall development of Muaythai. The youths of today represent the future and carry a strong voice throughout the executive board and the various committees.