IFMA believes in fair play, it is one of the 5 pillars and essential both in sport and life. IFMA has a zero-tolerance stance on doping and believes in fair competition and the 5 pillars of Muaythai, respect, honour, tradition, excellence and fair play are part of the written and unwritten rules of the IFMA family together with solidarity, care, tolerance and above all joy.

IFMA believes that education is the key and therefore workshops and a close cooperation with WADA and ITA is an important part of the grass root development. At the same time the protection of the clean athletes is key and at every IFMA event, doping tests take place. Thirty in and out of competition tests were done at the Youth World Championships and together we applaud the IFMA youth as all tests came back negative.

IFMA will continue to do their part as an IOC recognised federation to pursue our responsibilities of clean sports and athletes through the absence of performance enhancing drugs.