It was a special night when IFMA youth entered the contest for the best Wai Kru and Muay Boran. As the fourth competition day saw its end the theater of the Kervansaray hotel turned into the cultural square where Muaythai athletes could demonstrate the traditional art of Wai Kru and ancient Muaythai discipline Muay Boran.

Competing at the under 14 and over 14 divisions male and female the contestants had to demonstrate their skills with IFMA referees giving the score for the elements performed on the stage. Quality, perfection and inclusion of fundamental skills of the Wai Kru techniques of muaythai as well as extraordinary techniques including very difficult figures were evaluated by the judges. IFMA President himself attended the event to encourage the youth to show their best in two disciplines.

Dr. Sakchye said that combining sport and culture is the fundamental part of Muaythai, and the fact that so many countries entered their participants for the contest speaks for a growing popularity of all aspects of the sport.
It was a night full of excitement as the youth were excelling through sport. The winners of the competition were as follows:
Wai Kru
Under 14: Heman Mongkhindee (THA)
Above 14: Elene Lolajze (GEO)

Muay Boran
Under 14
Simon Verner
Mateu Simuner (CZE)

Above 14
Sajjad Bahaa Raoof
Dhulfiqar Mohamed Saleem Oleiwi (IRQ)