With the population of Sweden being over 9 million citizens IFMA can boast that every 5th Swedish citizen watched the World Championships on TV. This was the official statistics announced by the partnering TV Channel making muaythai one of the most watched sport events in Sweden. The semi final and final days have set the record with over 2 million peope watching.

Ever since SportAccord World Combat Games 2013 in Sankt Petersburg, Russia, where muaythai was the most watched sport among non-Olympic sports with 23 million viewers , and only the third viewed from all sports including Olympic in the official programme, muaythai continues its positive momentum in gaining followers on the spectatorship stands, television and internet.

Sweden, being one of the leaders in digital progress gave millions of viewers a possibility to enjoy the World Championships on TV, and for many others internet streaming was organised which let them share the moment of glory of the world champions 2016.
This has been also a fantasic promotion for the 2017 World Games in Wroclaw as this event was another offical qualifier with further qualifying events will be held in Vietnam, Croatia, Peru, Morocco, Kazan to select the best of the best promote the 2017 World Games.