IFMA truly prides itself on fair play both in and out of the ring and upholds the belief that prevention is the cure.

Many workshops and seminars are held annually for athletes, coaches, team doctors and entourage; organised with the support with IFMA partners such as WADA and SportAccord, to keep all stakeholders abreast on the ever changing world in sport such as the dangers of sport supplements, the WADA prohibited list and consequences of doping.


This year’s IFMA World Championships has been another testament to the activities IFMA has been organising over the last decade to instil the importance of fair play in the consciousness of its members. With over of 30 in and out competition tests done before and during the event, and to the positive atmosphere of the World Championships, all tests were negative.


“The cooperation between the medical, athletes, legal, youth and integrity commissions is the key to everything” said IFMA Sport Director Charissa Tynan, who added “Just in the last 12 months we have had 3 conferences, one in Istanbul with 70 countries present, last year in September in Bangkok with 92 countries and in Langkawi Malaysia with 102 countries. Through these forums all NFs understand the importance of doping-free sport and that we must continue to ensure that muaythai will educate all its stakeholders but at the same time have a zero tolerance towards any offenders. Thank you to all athletes for playing true!!”