Malaysian NF President/FAMA Vice President, Dato Shah Sami met in Bangkok with Stephan Fox IFMA General Secretary, Charissa Tynan IFMA Sport Director, Yulia Askhadulina Legal Commission secretary, Kiana Guyon IFMA Public Relations manager, and Judith Lockhart Secretary of the IFMA Athletes Commission.

Malaysian Muaythai Federation prepared a detailed progress report on the upcoming championships in Langkawi. Details of registration, accommodation, and transportation of participants were finalised, as well as other important technical and organisational matters such as field of play set up and muaythai congress program.

IFMA 2014 World Championship is expected to be major amateur event of the year and will attract a record number of athletes and spectators from all over the world. Malaysian Muaythai Federation will host this event in close cooperation with Malaysian government, and will be a valuable addition to the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 campaign.