At the last IFMA Executive Board Meeting in Bangkok, six countries were approved for IFMA membership making the total number of National Federations under the IFMA umbrella, 134.

Trinidad & Tobago joined IFMA in 2019 with the hard work of Ms. Rebecca Bhola. Her academic approach and passion for muaythai paved the way for Trinidad athletes to join the IFMA family with their red and black national track suits.

Tunisia’s recent bid for the African Muaythai Championships was a clear sign that Tunisia is making significant efforts to establish itself firmly in IFMA and a sure potential leader in Africa.

The application of the Algerian Muaythai Federation has been one of the most solid applications with full support of the National Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sport. The announcement of the African Championships had Algeria registering a full team for the competition. IFMA is looking forward to seeing the Algerian team in action amongst the world’s strongest athletes.

Egyptian muaythai has come a long way in their journey towards their cherished goal and this year became historical for all the athletes in Egypt who can now stop dreaming and start moving towards the most prestigious awards and medals in the world of muaythai. 

Sierra Leone is the fourth African country joining the IFMA family in 2020 placing the profile of African muaythai at par with the other four continents of IFMA members. With the goals of becoming a recognized member federation checked off the list, African muaythai can set higher goals with their new artillery and span of muaythai athletes. Their seems to be a new rumble from the jungle and it’s not coming from animals as more African muaythai athletes train hard and can strive for more medals at the IFMA World Championships. 

Europe gained one more official member with Montenegro becoming an official representative in IFMA. Their performance as an invited team at the Prague European Championships in 2018 was a true stepping stone and now their best athletes can have a bright future as a newly recognised national federation.

IFMA is proud to have these new members joining the world of recognised sport which gives opportunities to so many athletes who are now part of the ever growing muaythai family. Congratulations!