Ten competition days over 1000 bouts ended when the curtain went down on the IFMA virtual world championships 2021.

Athletes from all around the world participated once again in the different disciplines wai kru, shadow box, mai muay, max fit, and shadow refereeing. Winners have come from around the world. However, for the winners of max fit and mai muay, the journey will not finish. They now will participate in the upcoming United Through sports world virtual festival held from 20-27 of November from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the world. IFMA Director Charissa Tynan congratulated all the participants for their achievements, thanking everyone who has contributed once again to join together to create opportunities.

IFMA executive board member Abby Nelson represented the over 100 officials who ensured fair play and ensured that the right people ended up at the podium.

The National Sports Development Fund (NSDF) of the kingdom of Thailand, a gold sponsor of the event represented by the Fund Manager Supranee Guptasa, congratulated IFMA on the success of this event, promoting and fostering muaythai as a cultural art form with the important divisions of mai muay and wai kru. She said Thailand would continue to support IFMA as an IOC recognised Federation for the art and sport of muaythai. And on behalf of NSDF thanked the IFMA family for making this event possible.