We are all living in challenging times; sport events around the world being cancelled, athletes unable to compete with many under lock down with the lack of access to sports facilities.

This is why IFMA decided with the initiative Muaythai Connects to bring the Muaythai athletes together to stay physically and mentally fit.

For the last 4 months, countries participated in virtual national championships with over 30,000 youth athletes participating in the qualification events. 

This has all led us to the World Virtual Championships. An event in which no passport or visa is needed, just a smart phone and internet connection and you are part of an amazing event. There will be 4 competitions: the traditional Wai Kru to protect the cultural heritage of the sport, Shadow Box to ensure that participants continue to work on their techniques, Max Fit to measure strength, power and fitness, and Aero Fit for fun and fitness. For the Max Fit and Aero Fit disciplines, the journey will not end at the IFMA final on November 1st. They will immediately enter the United Through Sport Virtual World Youth Festival to face up against teams from different sports.

The preliminary bouts will be live from October 27th with the Opening Ceremony broadcast on October 28th and the finals and closing on November 1st. With over 800 competitions in total, it will bring the IFMA world together to stay connected, positive, healthy and strong.

To be a part of the event and cheer your teams and countries, head over to the official event website virtualchampionship2020.muaythai.sport and SUBSCRIBE in order to receive the relevant links and updates throughout the competition!