With the echo of the World Muaythai Championships just fading IFMA athletes are looking forward to new challenges and two weeks from now the world of martial arts will be concentrated in Korea at 2019 Chungju World Martial Arts Mastership. 20 sports will be featured at the event and muaythai will be represented by athletes seeking the recognition as well as elite athletes who just walked off the awarding podium in Bangkok.
One of the most titled athlete to attend the Masterships is the silver medalist of the World Championships in Bangkok Aleksandr Abramov (RUS) who missed just little to become the World Champion in the final against Kazakhstan. Aleksandr will definitely be the one willing to win the highest award in Korea in his 57 kg division.

Israeli team is making a statement with their team bringing the level of the muaythai competition in the 2019 World Martial Arts Masterships to the top level as their elite athletes join the team led by one of the current world champion Nili Block who has a flawless IFMA record winning gold at each event she participated. 
Jenelyn Olsim
(PHI) is joining the Philippine team to aim the high end of the team ranking. With her experience of being part of the Asian Championships 2018 and Arafura Games and competing against such athletes as Yolanda Shmidt Jenelyn gained a valuable experience for her appearance in Korea. She truly made her name with her performance in the ring showing great progress with every following event. The Philippine team as well as Jenelyn’s fans are looking forward to seeing another event where she will showcase her skills.

The Turkish Funda Alkayis was one of the stars for Turkish team winning the the bronze medal. Funda surprised the French team stealing the victory from one of the most talented young athletes Jade Jorand. Funda will be the one to pull the Turkish team up in the rankings in Korea.

2019 Chungju World Martial Arts Masterships will be a great chance for many athletes to reveal their talents and prove to their national coaches their right to be part of the national team.