IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan is a person behind the achievements of Muaythai writing the modern history of the sport. He has seen the Muaythai legends making their first steps in the ring as kids and was always around as they were climbing the ladder of excellence to the very top of the sporting fame. 

This year Dr. Sakchye will be opening another youth event giving the first welcome to the athletes starting their career in Muaythai and watching the youth on the other end of the age division saying good bye to the youth events.

At the exclusive interview to IFMA Media Dr. Sakchye said that in more than 15 years he has been proud to hold hands of the youth and see them grow in big champions. There can be no better feeling for any International Sports Federation President to follow the career of athletes, see them pursue their dreams, and share their moments of pride as they stand on the awarding podium.

IFMA truly makes every youth event special bringing the youth a larger than life experience. It was a bright moment as the youth from more than 100 countries gathered in the UN headquarters in Bangkok to hear messages from WADA, IOC, United Through Sports, Right To Play and speakers from around the world passing them a message of the world’s sports values.

The IFMA’s future is truly secured with Muaythai gaining a fame of more than a martial art, but the sport promoting Honour, Respect, Traditions, Excellence, Fair Play.