At the following meeting between the local organising committee, Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand and IFMA international office Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan announced that the World Muaythai Championships will truly be special for many reasons. It is for the first time the the venue of the event is the heart of Olympic movement of Thailand – The Sport Authority of Thailand. Muaythai will be showcased at the sites where Thai teams prepare for the Olympic event, and we hope that one day Muaythai athletes will join the Olympic delegation for the most prestigious games in the world – Olympics.

From today on the World Championships village will start to appear at the SAT with three rings taking the central stage. The opening ceremony will again reveal all the aspects of Thai culture and who millions of tourists arrive to Thailand every day.

IFMA Director Ms. Charissa Tynan said that she is looking forward to the official beginning of the event and to again welcome the world best athletes in the motherland of Muaythai.
Less than two weeks left until spectators can enjoy exciting bouts and for Thailand to welcome international athletes and spectators in Bangkok.