Today the IFMA Family celebrates the life of Muaythai athlete, Sarayut Klinming “Panphet (Pan Diamond) Phadungchai.” Panphet passed away on July 23rd, 2022 at 8:30pm at the age of 25. He will always be remembered for his courage, skill and strength in the ring and for his love for his family by keeping them as a pillar of his heart and mind.

Panphet’s family is proud of his achievements both in his academic and sporting life. In his sporting life, he was a member of the National Muaythai Team, proudly representing the National Olympic Committee, the National Federation, IFMA and certainly his family and himself.

Panphet was a native of Kong Krailas district, Sukhothai province and a graduate of the National Sports University Sukhothai Campus in addition to being a muaythai athlete his athletic accolades includes winning a silver medal at the 2019 SEA Games, IFMA gold medalist in the U23 division in the 2019 World Championships and had won multiple muaythai championships. Outside of sport, he was known to donate his time and energy to various events in the community.

Panphet’s funeral will be held today, August 1 at 3 p.m. at Wat Hang Talat, Tha Chuan Subdistrict, Kong Krailas District, Sukhothai Province. Panphet will be surrounded by loved ones who will continue to honor his legacy as a warrior for the people of Sukhothai and a loving father and family man.

IFMA’s sends its prayers and condolences to the family members, wife and child of Sarayut Klinming “Panphet (Pan Diamond) Phadungchai.” To honor his life, he will receive a Royal Funeral, the highest honor. The entire muaythai family owe him our respect and gratitude and we will forever hold him in greatest honor. As a mark of IFMA’s high esteem, the IFMA flag will be flown at half mast at the IFMA World Head Quarters.