We believe that any use of doping substances or methods to enhance performances in or out of competition is fundamentally wrong and detrimental to the spirit of muaythai and sport in general. All athletes are subject to the principle of strict liability and are fully responsible for anything which is found to the strict doping controls IFMA is conducting. IFMA or any organisations multisport events are conducting which IFMA is part of. We believe competition must be clean. It is preserving the integrity and fairness of muaythai.

Beside the fair competition the main objective in our fight against doping is certainly also the protection of health of the athletes.  IFMA certainly also must protect the clean athletes and to ensure that whoever’s hand is risen is the true winner.

IFMA wishes to express disappointment for the Anti-Doping Rule Violation in the sport of muaythai at the World Games in the division female 54kg. The ADRV was committed by the Gold Medalist Ms. Sveva Melillo from Italy who tested positive for the Canrenone. Such substance is prohibited by WADA at all times and is classified as a specified substance under S5. Diuretics and Masking Agents of the 2022 WADA Prohibited List.

On 31 October 2022, Ms Melillo confirmed to the ITA in writing that she expressly accepted the consequences of her ADRV under the IWGA ADR, namely, the disqualification of all her individual results at the Birmingham World Games, including forfeiture of medals, points and prizes. Thereby, the Gold Medal of the World Games shall be re-allocated to Ashley Thiner from the United States; Silver medal to Bronze medalist Laura Burgos from Mexico and Bronze medal to Yolanda Schmidt from Australia accordingly. The case has since been referred to the IFMA for a determination on the applicable sanction (i.e. period of Ineligibility to be imposed) which in accordance to the IFMA ADR may be up to 4 years. Additionally, Ms. Melillo has lost her direct qualification spot for the World Combat Games in Saudi. She is also stripped of her WMC World Title. IFMA will strongly continue to fight against doping, and cheating has no place in the IFMA family.

IFMA will continue to have educational workshops as we believe prevention is the key, and we apologise to IWGA and every athlete which has been beaten in this tournament.