It’s been a long journey through the qualifications for IFMA athletes and the UTS Virtual Sports Festival is about to start where Muaythai athletes can take a central stage and compete with more than 100 international federations and organisations for the medals and awards. 

Months of preparation, rehearsals and finally competition in the Aero Fit made the roster for IFMA to the next level where teams from Ukraine, Mexico and Kyrgyzstan will be waiting for their opponents from Olympic and recognised sports to again showcase the creative choreography, fitness, balance and power. 

Representatives of three continents will represent IFMA at the event patronised by the IOC, Special Olympics and International Paralympic Committee.

With days left to the official draw IFMA followers are anticipating the revealing of the sports competing against the winners of the Aero Fit IFMA. 

IFMA is looking forward to this unprecedented event where representatives of different sports can unite in athletic and cultural exchange and demonstrate the best their sport can offer.