IFMA General Secretary, Stephan Fox recently traveled to Busan, the host city of the TAFISA World Sport For All Games 2008. The travel had many purposes, including inspecting the stunning venues and hotels in Busan, and a meeting with Mr. Wan-shik Hong, the Secretary General for TAFISA World Sports for All Games, to discuss the cultural aspects of the games.


Also, a special meeting was held with the President of the Korean Muaythai Association, Mr. Yeo Kyu Tae, who is working tirelessly for the promotion of the sport of Muaythai in Korea. Muaythai has become one of the main sports in the World Sports for All Games and the muay thai event will be held at the beautiful Asiad Main Stadium. The Muaythai world is looking forward to celebrating and being a part of this World Sports Cultural Festival.