Muaythai and IFMA has become a member of the TAFISA World Sport for All organisation, another IOC recognised sporting organisation.

This now is very important, as muaythai is now fully recognised as a sport for all, and our campaign “Muaythai for Every Body”, the cultural exchange programmes, charity campaigns and Ambassador programmes have all been an important factor in achieving membership in TAFISA.

As a member of TAFISA, we are now entitled to the following:

Participation in TAFISA Programs, including:

o WorldWalking Day (2nd and 3rd October 2010)

o World Challenge Day

o Certified Leadership Courses in Sport for All

o Active Cities – Active Communities – Active Citizens, the ‘Triple AC’

(under development)

Participation in TAFISA Events, including:

o TAFISA World Congresses

o TAFISA Forums

o TAFISA International Workshops

o TAFISA World Sport for All Games

Receipt of TAFISA publications, including:

o Magazines

o E-Newsletters

o Annual report

Potential for TAFISA Patronage of your own programs and events

Access to TAFISA Awards, including TAFISA Innovation Award

Access to our international network of members and friends

Access to the services of our regional bodies (ESFAN in Europe, ASFAA

in Asia/Oceania and PASFAA in the Americas (under development))

Permission to include a link to TAFISA’s website on the IFMA website: