A special meeting was held at the Thailand Ministry of Tourism and Sport, chaired by Associate Professor Chavanee Tongroach, Vice Minister for Tourism and Sports, attended by many important personalities from the Thai and international sporting world. Thailand’s IOC member, Dr. Nat Indrapana, the Chief Advisory to OCA and ANOC President Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah, Dr Santipap Techavanija, President of IFMA, Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, General Secretary of FAMA, Mr. Mervyn Tan, IFMA Sports Director, Mrs. Charissa Tynan, Vice President of AMTAT, Mr. Kajorn Prowsri, Governor of Sports Authority of Thailand, Sakon Wannapong, President of the Association of Thailand’s National Sports Federation in the Olympic Program, IFMA Sports Director, Charissa Tynan, AIMS President, Mr. Stephan Fox, and many other delegates.0e59a4cb-6195-4875-b2c8-efda65e5468d
There were many topics on the agenda such as Thailand is the host of the 2016 Junior World Championship, muaythai under IFMA officially applying for recognition by the IOC, report on upcoming games in the region under the umbrella of the OCA with the inclusion of muaythai, FISU Muauthai World Championship 2018, and general muaythai activities. IFMA President, Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan stated that as a Thai he is very proud that Thailand will host 2 important events in the next couple of years including the Youth World Championship 2016 and that Thailand has been awarded by FISU for 2018 FISU Muaythai World Championship. Both events will be in full cooperation with the Royal Thai government. The first championship is only 8 months away while FISU event will be organised with the Thailand University Sports Board, Thailand government. Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand and certainly IFMA. The Vice President of AMTAT, Khun Kajorn Prowsri, stated that preparations are in process for the Youth World Championship, and that the 2015 Royal World Cup was a success and we will build on this.


The President of IFMA, Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, stated that many things happen in the world of sport on the last 12 months. IFMA is a proud member of AIMS and Dr. Sakchye welcomed AIMS president to the meeting and stated that AIMS has received a provisional recognition by the IOC in which the MOU will be signed during the SportAccord convention in April, which will be another historical day. Dr. Nat, Thailand’s IOC member stated that muaythai under IFMA has become a well known and recognised member in the world sport community including the Olympic family. Since we were recognised by GAISF (SportAccord) in 2006, so much work has been done especially in WADA compliance and many other important aspects and the result is that muaythai has been fully recognised and become a full member of International World Games Association, FISU, and is in the official sports program of the 2017 World Games. For the IOC, the World Games are important and the IOC president has sent a letter to each NOC to support the games and the athletes.

Dr. Nat again congratulated IFMA also on taking over the presidency in AIMS and that in such difficult times AIMS has set an example and this has been honoured by the IOC. Dr. Santipap, the former Governor of the SAT stated that many games are coming up in Asia such as Asian Beach Games and Asian Indoor and Martial Art Games in which IFMA and FAMA is the sanctioning body. The OCA has been impressed by all the work that muaythai is doing especially for the cultural understanding and exchange. He reminded again the government of Thailand to ensure that they follow proper procedure according to the law.


Mervyn Tan, General Secretary of FAMA, confirmed all the preparations are in process with Asian Beach Games, the next on the agenda, and again thanked Thailand for a fantastic game in Phuket 2 years ago. He presented a letter to the Royal Thai government on behalf of FAMA President, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Mr. Karim Massimov. The governor of SAT stated that Thailand always will support muaythai in any form but certainly will only recognise the federation under the law and recognised by the NOC of Thailand, which is the AMTAT, a member of IFMA.

IFMA Sports Director Mrs. Charissa Tynan gave a full report of upcoming IFMA events worldwide with the SportAccord convention around the corner and the 2016 IFMA World Championship in Sweden. She thanked the IOC member of Thailand, Dr Nat, for his input and support and the IOC-AIMS joint meeting was a highly successful meeting. She again asked Dr Nat to convey our thanks to the IOC. Mrs. Tynan also made a full report on IFMA application process towards IOC recognition.

The meeting ended with the Vice Minister summed it up giving full support from the Royal Thai government on all aspects of muaythai and the assurance to AMTAT on their support for the upcoming events. IFMA will also receive all support they can give towards the recognition process of the highest sport recognition, the IOC.