The Youth World Championships 2019 already broke records even before the event is officially open. A record number of 1300 participants are registered for the event and the number is growing. The city of Antalya is set to turn into the muaythai athletes’ village from 28 September to 6 October as teams from all around the world will be welcomed in Turkey.
The annual competition at IFMA disciplines will take place aside the Muaythai event. Wai Kru Competition will feature young athletes demonstrating an important Muaythai element which is a tradition to give respect to the teacher. Last year a massive Wai Kru lesson was given to the participants of the Bangkok edition of YWC. It was the IFMA President himself who changed the tie and suit to the Muaythai outfit to lead the youth by example from the motherland of the sport. Antalya will see athletes across age divisions compete in their skills of this important Muaythai element.

The Muay Boran competition has been a tremendous success last year as spectators were thrilled by the acrobatic moves of the team Philippines, Greece, Czech Republic and many more demonstrate their skills in the ancient art of unarmed combat from the old battlefields of Siam. It will be another great night in Antalya as the Muay Boran teams will show their skills.
One of the highlight of the Antalya Youth World Championships will definitely be the Muay Talay competition where youth can enjoy the aquatic field of play of the 5 star hotel. An event easily compared the main Muaythai competition by the level of excitement, Muay Talay contest will one of the most popular events in Turkey and the memory to last for the participants.

IFMA is truly proud to have the youth honouring the traditions of Muaythai, and as so many athletes dedicate to the Muaythai disciplines gives confidence that the future of the sport is safe for many years ahead.