IFMA Congratulates Peace Through Sport on its IOC recognition. IFMA has been supporting Peace Through Sport from day one and has been a solid partner in the project.
Generations For Peace, the global peace-through-sport initiative created by HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein, is set to benefit all five Olympic continents following official recognition by the International Olympic Committee. Official IOC status will enable Generations For Peace to partner with all the organisations within the Olympic Family by offering a proven model of sport enabling social development and peace.

Generations For Peace, which started in 2007, trains leaders of youth in regions experiencing conflict in how to use sport to build tolerance and reconciliation amongst young people from all sides of the conflict divide.

“On behalf of Generations For Peace, I would like to thank the IOC President, Jacques Rogge, and his Executive Board for this great show of support and belief in our vision,” said HRH Prince Feisal, President of Jordan’s NOC.

“We can only achieve our objectives by working with major global organisations, and this IOC recognition gives us greater status and opens up the whole Olympic Movement as potential partners. We can now bring forward our aim to stage Generations For Peace camps on all five Olympic Continents before 2013.”

Generations For Peace has already trained 373 leaders of youth from 31 countries experiencing conflict in Asia and Africa. These delegates have since trained 2,000 new trainers and the end result is that over 42,000 young people in conflict regions have begun a process of reconciliation through sport.

In addition to announcements of camps in other continents, and the opening of an Institute in Amman, further plans in 2010 include launching a Generations For Peace Masters degree and a Ph.D Fellowship in partnership with two major academic institutions.