IFMA is proud to see muaythai athletes being recognized around the world for their achievements, and honoured by national awards measured against other sporting successes.

This week two more shining stars of the muaythai world joined that honourable list. Sofia Olofsson, The World Games gold medal winner and IFMA world champion 2016 was voted most successful female martial artist in Sweden.
And in Morocco Maryam El Mourbarik, IFMA world champion was voted best sportswoman in a public poll against other stars.

Just a few months ago Israeli athlete Nili Block was named Athlete of the Year for the fourth time – taking the award across all sports in Israel – having won gold at the IFMA world and European championships and bronze at The World Games. She said she attended the ceremony many times before winning for the first time, saying : “I too was in the crowd once upon a time, envying those big athletes being rewarded. Slowly slowly, each year, with that image in my head, I’ve climbed the ladder every year.”

Sofia simply said: “I won the award for female champion of the year, this is my third consecutive award.” And Maryam celebrated this week,  thanking everyone who voted for her, saying: “And the community of sports diaspora who voted for me in my favor, and also thank IFMA for its efforts towards me.”

Head of the IFMA female commission Sue Glassey said: “ We are so proud of Maryam, Sofia and Nili. They are fantastic role models to our young girls and boys. Their hard work, sacrifice and dedication are proof that Muaythai is elite in the world of sport and that gender does not stop our achievements.

“Muaythai is a platform where we can demonstrate to the world that equality is not only important but it is achievable. Thank you ladies for leading the way.”