Morocco sets record high participation at online coaching course

The Royal Moroccan Federation of Kickboxing, Muaythai, Savate and similar sports has set a new record with over a thousand participants coming together for a three-day national online training course organised for the benefit of coaches and seconds. The training course received an overwhelming and unexpected reception by the Moroccan muaythai community of trainers and […]

Thai Ambassador to Morocco Lauds Moroccan National Virtual Championship Event

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand to Morocco, Mr. Darm Boontham received the President of the Moroccan Royal Muaythai Federation Mr. Abdulkarim Elhilali, who was accompanied by the Honorary President and IFMA Vice President Mr. Driss Elhilali and other members of the executive board of the federation at the Embassy in the nation’s capital, […]

Muaythai Angels Raving Success

Female Muaythai is becoming stronger and stronger at the Muaythai Angels event with 16 girls from 14 countries has been one of the most talked about sporting events.