IFMA is proudly recognised by the IOC as the sole governing body for the sport of muaythai worldwide. It has been a long journey towards recognition; which started in 2006 when muaythai and IFMA became a world recognised sport with its inclusion into GAISF. IFMA is a fully compliant WADA signatory, a proud member of IFSU & IWGA, is included in many multi-sport games from world to combat games and regional games.

IFMA is lauded for its efforts in the areas of youth development, which was a defining factor in its IOC recognition application in which IFMA demonstrated how combining sport and cultural exchange can be instrumental in building the athletes of the future.

Charissa Tynan stated “Being the sole muaythai organisation permitted to use the Olympic symbols, comes with great responsibility, in fact “duty”. IOC recognition is just the beginning of a new era, but sitting on a solid foundation in the world sport pyramid as a member of GAISF.”

The signing of the important MoU between the IOC and GAISF which took place at the IF Forum this year, was historical but also critical for muaythai as well as all other 92 GAISF member sport IFs, Olympic and non-Olympic.

The IF Forum was important as it is an exclusive gathering for recognised sports, and Ms. Tynan reported that IFMA was part of many important meetings including those with the IOC, IWGA, FISU and the DFSU apart from witnessing the signing of the MoU and participation in the various conferences and workshops which focussed this year, on the topic of sustainability.

One of the highlights was certainly the announcement of the 2019 World Combat Games in Chinese Taipei, and IFMA can be proud that its General Secretary is the GAISF Vice President and Chair of the World Combat Sports commission.