The Athletes Commission gives a thumbs up from Mexico. Now there is only 48 hours before the opening of the 2018 IFMA World Championships in which teams from all 5 continents compete in beautiful Cancun, Mexico.

The chair of the IFMA Athletes Commission, Janice Lyn, together with the member of the IFMA executives and the international office are already in Cancun to ensure all requirements for the athletes’ best performance are met.

Ms Lyn stated that regardless of how well prepared an athlete comes to such a competition, things like having a quick transfer after a long flight, a smooth check in at the hotel, proper training and food facilities are most important for the athlete’s fair competition.

This year will be another special championship as the entire event will be held in one place. The Grand Oasis Hotel and convention center beachfront is the right location. The athletes do not have to leave the premises for training, augmentation, food and beverage and also competition. This makes it unique. Food is prepared for any culture and to ensure the athletes eat healthy and stay on weight.

Ms Lyn – from Canada –  gives thumbs up to the organizers especially IFMA Vice President, Elisa Salinas, and her hard working team, the IFMA Technical Delegate, Dmitry Putlin, the IFMA International Office. She said all of them only have one common interest: to put the athletes at the centre of the competition.

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