The Chair of the IFMA Athletes’ Commission and Holistic Nutritionist, Janice Lyn and Garnet Santicruz, Certified Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and Director of MOA Living, have joined forces over the pandemic to produce an educational webinar series aimed to give athletes, coaches, entourage and athlete support personnel the tools necessary to keep their body, mind, spirit and immune systems healthy during these challenging times and knowledge to take with them and pass on to their athletes to lead successful and healthy careers.

This dynamic duo came together during these unprecedented times with the understanding that athletes may not have access to a physical health practitioner and felt it was their duty to ensure that education was provided to support athlete health and wellness.

This “Health and Wellness Series” began in July and the 4th Webinar on “Shoulder and Elbow Health” with Garnet and “The Importance of Water and Safe and Effective Tips on how to Lose or Gain Weight” with Janice aired last Wednesday night.

The chair of the IFMA Athletes’ Commission was delighted to see IFMA Executives in addition to the athletes in attendance. “In order for our sport to thrive, for our athletes to be safe and successful, the individuals running our federations have to care and the fact that we have IFMA Executives attending these athlete centered webinars is comforting to know so that the education and knowledge can be passed down to the athletes and all athlete support personnel.”

The goal of Garnet’s segments have been to tackle major body parts and joints that often suffer injury and pain in active muaythai athletes, to highlight their root causes and to offer solutions in the form of exercise and education for self-healing, strengthening and prevention.

Janice’s goals for her segments have been to to educate athletes, entourage and athlete support personnel on topics that aren’t normally discussed but in her experience as an elite athlete, are important and often overlooked such as mental health, emotional root causes of pain, injury and disease, inflammation, hormonal health and nutrition education.

There are two more segments left in this 6 series Webinar where Hand & Wrist and Spine health will be covered by Garnet in the next segment and Supplements and Doping will be covered by Janice and Azadeh Kamyabi, IFMA Anti-Doping Administrator, in the last segment.

To view past webinars please click on the following images which will take you to the recorded videos on the IFMA YouTube Channel.

The following dates are set for the next webinars.

Wednesday September 30th: Wrist, Hand and Spine Health

Wednesday October 14th: Supplements and Doping

The next webinars will be held in IFMA’s new virtual “Media Room” on the IFMA Website.

Stay tuned for the links to register.

A big thank you to our IFMA Athletes’ Commission Chair, Janice Lyn and Manual Practitioner, Garnet Santicruz, for providing their time, efforts and this valuable information for our athletes and their support systems.

IFMA is proud to contribute to the spread of the knowledge among athletes of all sports.