Arafura Games 2019 just finished and muaythai teams travelled home. For IFMA the Australian trip continues as the SportAccord Convention opens today at the Gold Coast. The first meetings taking place at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center.
Delegates from more than 100 International Sports Federations arrived to Australia to be part of the meetings, expo and sports festival.
IFMA started the Convention from the ARISF meeting which it is a part of since three years after the IOC granted muaythai a provisional recognition. Agenda included speeches from IOC, WADA, the strategic plan for 2019-2023, workshops with IOC and many more.

IFMA Secretary General who is also the President of the Alliance of Independent Members of Sport (AIMS) opened the AIMS Council Meeting greeting the 18 members of the Alliance.
There are many more activities coming up with IFMA organizing traditional muaythai workout Good Morning Gold Coast, Openinig of the Sport Festival, GAISF General Assembly and much more.