The anti-doping resources on the website have just been updated.


Under the Anti-Doping section, you will find two new sections:


Nutritional Supplements

Under this section, you will find a link to an page devoted to Methylhexaneamine

The page also contains a Spanish language and Russian language translation which you can download.

WADA Digital Library


Under existing sections, you will find the following updates:

Under Resources for Athletes:

-Updated information on the substance GW501516

-Updated information on the use of ADAMs for Registered Testing Pool athletes
Submitting Whereabouts on ADAMS Video

Under IFMA Anti-Doping Code, you will find:

-The IFMA Anti-Doping Code updated for 2013, specifically with updated rules related to TUE

Under TUE, you will find:

-Updated general information about TUEs

-A link to a page called Standards for Granting TUEs


A thank you to WADA and the SportAccord Doping Free Sport Unit for their work in raising awareness and providing educational tools and resources for the fight against doping in sport.