The International Federation of Muaythai Associations and the World Muaythai Council mourn the loss of one of our leading figures who has been part of the IFMA and WMC development since the early days of the 90’s.


Kru Amnat dedicated his life to the Kingdom of Thailand and the art and sport of muaythai. Since his early childhood he has devoted his life to the very traditional rules of muaythai through all the different styles and regions of Thailand. He was a true Kru of traditional muay boran and krabi krabong.


In his army career he became a General in the Royal Thai Army and studied in his earlier years both in Germany and the United States. He was the close-range combat instructor of the Thai special forces but for us, the IFMA family, he was so much more.


He was an important member of AMTAT, the sole recognised muaythai federation in Thailand under IFMA.


Since 1995 he has been part of the IFMA development programme and has been teaching in member countries around the world. Beyond the training arena, he was a friend, and individual with a lust for life and passion for muaythai


He was part of IFMA’s recognition process in 2006 when IFMA became GAISF recognised and also in 2016 when IOC recognition was granted. The IFMA family thank Kru Amnat for having imparted his wisdom which will live on as it continues from this generation of Nak muays around the world to the next.


You will live on and you will be remembered. You fought the sickness to the last day to give your beloved family and all of us one more birthday celebration just days before you said goodbye, and as a true warrior you knew when to retreat.


Although, Dear and esteemed Kru Amnart, you may be gone, but you will definitely never be forgotten. The IFMA world salutes you and the IFMA flag will be flown at half-mast around the world this week in your remembrance.