We are living in extraordinary times. Millions and millions across the world are living under lockdown or restrictions which call for physical distancing to help stop the spread of the disease and the pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives. Many have either lost their lives or are still fighting for it. We may all be restricted from physical, social and the many benefits sport offers us in general. However, we have seen the collective effort within the various communities working together to ensure life, as we knew it, will be coming back, and for the world of sport, that we will all be back in the gyms, the fields of play and enjoy the benefits sport has to offer.


Muaythai is based on respect and incorporates long forgotten values about inclusivity and non-discrimination. The Muaythai mantra states: we only look down when extending a hand to help others up.


IFMA is proudly recognised by the IOC and the Olympic values play an important part in the IFMA philosophy and now more than ever they must shine.


All events have been postponed or cancelled as the protection of the health and wellbeing of all stakeholders is key priority for IFMA.


Over the last three months a campaign, #muaythaiconnects, was launched. As much a social as physical initiative to remain active while staying at home, but also socially connecting through the social media, breaking down walls, inviting one another into their homes.


The IFMA executive and the IFMA team has worked tirelessly to work with the National Federations through these times to give guidance and also prepare for post-pandemic. IFMA has also worked with many other partners on webinars for all stakeholders to participate and benefit from educational opportunities.


One of the key achievements was the development of an online virtual world championships initiative which will involve over 40,000 youth form all IFMA member federations to ensure that they can continue to develop, live an active and healthy lifestyle, but also participate in a world championships to continue their hopes and dreams.


A big thank you must go to everyone who has contributed.