Over 100 teams are making their way to BKK for the IFMA Senior World Championships 2023. The event will be a celebration of IFMA’s 30th Anniversary and see the elite athletes of the world not only battle it out for the IFMA World Champion title but also book the final spots for the World Combat Games 2023 in Riyadh.


The official opening ceremony will be held on Friday 4th of May in Bangkok’s premiere venue at the Convention Centre at CentralWorld and will be telecast around the world.


The event will also see the participation of the IFMA Refugee Team (Equipe Muaythai de Refugies – EMR) and over 60 diplomatic missions will be sending representatives to the ceremony to support their teams as they walk in for the Athletes Marche Passe.


Charissa Tynan, IFMA Director General stated “IFMA is proud that for 30 years, we have built the solid foundations of inclusion, non-discrimination and equality and using muaythai for cultural and sporting exchange. Besides the sporting competition, there will be many other events and activities such as the Executive Committee Meeting, the IFMA Annual General Meeting, Commission meetings, Referee & Judges Course, One Standard Muaythai Coaching Course, Media and IFMA Registration system workshops and the IFMA Athletes Commission will run its elections for a new committee at the Athletes Conference”.