It was an Opening Ceremony that would remain in the memories of the spectators. In true spirit of a Beach Games, the skies made sure everyone had a refreshing splash with a showering welcome at the beginning of the Athletes Parade.

As with any major sporting event, the lighting of the torch symbolizes harmony and goodwill which represent the ideals of Olympism. The flame represents the basic spiritual significance of the Olympic Movement, a symbol of peace among peoples of the world.

No doubt, to be an official torch bearer is an incredible honour and it was Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat, from the Vietnamese Muaythai team that had the honour as one of the 5 torch bearers of the 5th Asian Beach Games.

The 5 flames were transported from the water on 5 jet skis to the shore and transferred to the five athletes on the beach. The athletes then made their way on to the stage and lit the main torch which ignited the urn signifying the opening of the Games.