Each year, the IFMA Executive Committee acknowledges the most outstanding individuals who have contributed extensively in their life’s work to the IFMA & Muaythai.

This year’s Lifetime Achievement awards have bene presented to two very special individuals who have shaped IFMA for more than 2 decades and have played an important part in IFMA’s development and IOC reognition process.

The first Lifetime Achievement award went to Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan the honorary President of IFMA who has served as President of IFMA for 18 years and has been instrumental in IFMA’s recognition within GAISF and the IOC.

The second award went to Jacky Mairesse, the honorary President of the European Muaythai federation who has served as the first European Muaythai President and also served as an IFMA Executive Committee Member for 8 years.

A standing ovation was given by the audience to both awardees, and we can safely say that IFMA would never be IFMA without dedication, vision and energy of these incredible individuals.