It has been five years since the last IFMA World Championships have been held in Thailand following the successful editions 2018 in Mexico and 2017 in Belarus.

The Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand and the World Muaythai Council are under Royal Patronage and Thailand recently celebrated the coronation of King Rama 10th and this is why IFMA has decided to honour His Majesty as the patron of muaythai in Thailand. The IFMA World Championships will be held from 20-29 of July in celebration of His Majesty’s birthday and coronation. The highest honour has been given to the event as His Majesty has graciously granted the two highest trophies – the Royal Trophy, which will be awarded to the winning Male and Female teams.

This will showcase once again the close relationship muaythai has with the Thai Monarchy.

Around 100 nations are expected to participate at this auspicious event.