In an IFMA tradition the IFMA executive joined the IFMA athletes for a training session early this morning – showing again we are one family and to remind everyone that our shared passion for muaythai brings us together. 

This year’s session brought together the top leadership led by the President Dr Tapsuwan, IFMA general secretary Stephan Fox, chair of the IFMA athletes commission Janice Lyn, vice-president Sue Glassey, IFMA sport director Charissa Tynan and with help from the Technical Director Dmitry Putilin.

Athletes from over 50 countries participated in this fun session, enjoying the beach Cancun beach. Good Morning Muaythai has spread far beyond the IFMA family, as since 2010 it has been part of every Sport Accord Convention.

IFMA general secretary Stephan Fox spoke to the athletes, saying that the secret of IFMA is that the family stays together after their career. Echoing Game of Thrones, he said the athlete who stays with the IFMA family has great opportunities to give back to the sport and continue in muaythai  – the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.

This morning was a great example of that as the session was led by so many former IFMA athletes. Petri Martinez , now head coach with Finland who won Best Boxer at the IFMA 2003 tournament and the gold medal, TD Dmitry Putilin who was world champion in 2001, Sue Glassey, and IFMA media director Niamh Griffin, both former world champions and who also competed at the first IFMA tournament to include women in 1999.

Janice Lyn, chair of the IFMA athletes’ commission speaking on behalf of all IFMA athletes  thanked the IFMA leadership for not just being an example but also leading by example.

The morning session finished with everyone racing into the beautiful Caribbean Sea.