Muaythai is proud to be included again as a full medal sport at the next edition of the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama in 2021. Qualifications will commence from 2019 onward, beginning with the Arafura Games in May.

The World Games is an important stepping stone for sports with aspirations towards the Olympics. Swedish Muaythai Champion Sofia Olofsson was World Games Athlete of the Year in 2016 and went on to win the gold medal at the 2017 World Games, while the Chair of the IFMA Athletes Commission Janice Lyn was also nominated for Athlete of the Year in 2017. This month, the World Games featured our European champion from France Myrieme Djedidi whom also competed at the World Games in 2017.

IFMA has put great importance in the development of the sport towards gender equality and at the IFMA World Championships earlier this year in Cancun, achieved a 50/50 male to female participation at the elite level. This is the result of long-term strategic planning, which has paid off, and we are proud to announce that at the World Games 2021, there will be an equal number in participation in both genders.

Congratulations to the IFMA Family.