History will be made on the 17th of March when Thailand will host the first ever Muaythai University World Cup. The event is organised by the Government of Thailand, the Department of Physical Education, the Thailand University Sports Board, and the Amateur Muaythai Authority of Thailand (AMTAT) under Royal Patronage, with the support of the World Muaythai Council also under Royal Patronage, sanctioned by the world governing body, the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) and patronized by FISU.

Over 50 press and TV agencies showed up to the press conference. General Chetta Thanajaro opened with a welcome speech stating that the Muaythai University World Cup is another important step in Muaythai’s journey towards IOC recognition. Mr Niwat Limsukneeran, from the Department of Physical Education, outlined the importance of education, sport for all and reiterated Muaythai’s push for IOC recognition. IFMA President Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan shared IFMA’s pride in last year’s inclusion of Muaythai in The World Games 2017, and this year FISU, another partner of the IOC, has given patronage to the Muaythai University World Cup. IFMA General secretary Stephan Fox made a presentation stating that 43 countries have been invited to the Muaythai University World Cup; bearing in mind 43 being the same number of countries in the first ever FISU Universiade in 1959.

The IFMA Muaythai University World Cup is not just a sporting event; it is an exchange of culture and education. A special forum will be held on the 22nd on Youth, Education and Sport. Stay posted for further news and updates on the event.