The inclusion of muaythai in the European Games was another milestone for muaythai and IFMA. Now it’s full steam ahead towards the upcoming Youth World Championships in Turkiye which will be only a couple of weeks before the World Combat Games in Saudi Arabia.

Janice Lyn Chair of the IFMA Athletes Commission stated “This is key in the development of IFMA, to maintain inclusive, sustainable, and enjoyable participation on and off the field of play. The Youth World Championships is balanced in sporting, educational and cultural exchange. This is why it includes many disciplines like combat, wai kru, mai muay and muay talay. It also includes the education aspect with conferences and seminars held throughout the event, to ensure that the IFMA youth strikes the right balance.”

This year’s IFMA Youth World Championships will see another 7 day event in full cooperation with the Ministry of Youth & Sport, the National Olympic Committee of Turkiye, WADA, ITA and many other IFMA partners.

Let’s get ready for the 2023 Youth World Championships and U23 World Cup in Antalya Turkiye from 29th September until 7th October.

IFMA believes the youth are not only the future, but also the change that we all wish to see in this world.