The EMF European Championships hosts a special professional night of competition during the main event when some former IFMA world champions step into the ring under the World Muaythai Council banner.

Many forget the epic IFMA battles of Buakaw Banchamek at the start of his career before going on to become a multiple World Champion with the WMC. He travels to Prague this week with multiple-time World Champion and The World Games gold medal winner Superbon Banchamek who now also competes as a professional athlete.

They compete in this historic capital on Jyly 6th  – the eve of the finals for the European Championships  – with four stars of Czech muaythai also on the line-up. Michael Krcmar faces Buakaw while Superbon meets German star Fabian Hunot.

General Chetta Thanajaro, President of the WMC stated the close cooperation between IFMA and the WMC since the inauguration of the WMC in 1995 has been important to ensure that Thailand is in full support of IFMA’s journey towards Olympic recognition.

IFMA President Dr Tapsuwan, who is also general secretary of the WMC stated that Europe is one of the strongest federations. He said this All-Star battle will be another important promotion. IFMA general secretary Stephan Fox, who is WMC Vice-President stated that more than 70% of the board members of the WMC are from IFMA to ensure the marriage of the WMC and IFMA conintues unbreakable.

He said this ensures that the grassroot developments remains the most important and in contrast with other sports the most support is given to the amateurs. This is why The World Games, the World Combat Games really have the best of the best competing.

A full list of the amateur muaythai athletes is available on IFMA Live  and the programme is on EU Muaythai Prague.

Bouts start at 14:00  and can be watched on the IFMA Youtube channel.

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