Time to get weighed-in and meet the doctors!

It has begun. Nearly 70 teams out of an expected 83 teams are already checked into Bangkok for the Youth World Championships with a record number of delegates expected ti bring the overall number to close to 1,200.

IFMA Sport Director Charissa Tynan stated health, safety and security are key for these young athletes, many of whom travelled for over 40 hours to reach Bangkok.

After the delegates were greeted at the airport by the welcome team, they were delivered to the hotel so they can relax and get ready. That allows them to be ready for their first task – the weigh-in.

Team Philippines meet the Tournament mascot!

Over 30 people are involved in the weigh-in, from registration to medical staff to the IFMA officials; all working to ensure that the youth don’t have to wait too long and get that initial check over with.

The Technical Delegate for the YWC Shah Dato stated further the cooperation with Rsportz through the IFMA Live website has contributed to the smooth arrival. This was as all athletes had already provided all medical forms and data through this system.

Athletes can see who is in their bracket meaning their know who their competitors are and can estimate how many bouts they will have to reach the final – all on this system much of which is also open for the fans to follow.

Team USA get signed in!

The head of the medical commission Dr Erdogan Aydin said this greatly aided the efficiency of the medical checks in ensuring that all athletes have met pre-competition requirements. If there are any doubts, then the medical commission can focus on these particular athletes to make sure all is in place.

The second initial weigh-in takes place on tomorrow as many flights are only landing late tonight. Then the draw follows, after which there is no going back.

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